Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Wedding

This past Saturday was the big day for my stepson and his lovely girlfriend to tie the knot. Cowboy chic was the order of the day, and it all came off beautifully. Leland uses this old barn to store hay for his flock of sheep, and this time of year with grass growing abundantly, it was empty. But not clean or ready to receive vistors.
That took a considerable effort by friends and family for days and days before the wedding. But I think it worked. A few chairs were provided for family, and everyone else sat on hay bales covered with burlap stitched on with green twine and tied in bows so the wind wouldn't blow it off. A full bar (made from our old wine barrels and slabs of redwood), and later an oyster bar made the barn enticing and almost comfortable.
Our local flower purveyor, Natasha, did an amazing job, including providing these branches hung with mason jars that featured tiny electric candles as a backdrop for the bridal party. Succulents, many highlighted with pink blooms, were spectacular around the barn and on all the dinner tables.
A huge tent was adjacent to the barn and provided a warm and windless environment for a delicious dinner and a multitude of toasts to the happy couple (not to mention dancing into the wee hours). The best part was that the long side, measuring 90 feet, was clear plastic, so we all had a magnificent view of the bluff top and ocean. 
Our bride was a bit tearful, especially here during the vows, but aren't those bridesmaids cute with their short dresses and cowboy boots? And pink petals all over the ground. And the scene stealer...
...was my granddaughter, the cutest flower girl ever. You can't quite see her pink and brown cowboy boots that had lights in the heels that lit up when she took a step. The communal "Ahhhhh" heard through the barn when she entered about brought the house down. 
It was windy, and a huge amount of work to put together and then take apart the day after, but it was magical and a true moment of blessing and celebration. I hope you can see my happiness in this picture of me with my friend Jane. I fear all the photos by the professional photographer will feature terribly windblown hair... but that is okay.


  1. Oh oh oh; what a wonderful wedding that must have been. Can't beat the setting, either. I wish them well!

  2. I love reading your posts, and admire your art. I also couldn't resist using the little black lamb with skunk markings for my desktop wallpaper.