Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Book for Looking

During the onslaught of the wedding, a new book that includes a couple of my art works became available, and I nearly missed it! Over a year ago I read about a book being put together by Sandra Salamony in conjunction with Peter and Donna Thomas of Santa Cruz, whom I took classes from years ago and know just a bit. It is called "1000 Artists' Books: Exploring the Book as Art". 
I got quite excited and gathered up some of my work and had it photographed professionally, and made my submittal. Over the next couple of months, I managed to stay in the running for inclusion. It took months before I finally heard that two of my books would be included. And then I just had to wait.
I am so glad it is out, and I am very impressed and pleased with the quality of the book and the art contained in it. Here is the page with my book called "Ordinary Heroes" (bottom right corner) which was a series of single pages folded into book forms and stored in a small box. I did the drawings, (which are not easily seen in this shot, so you may have to get the book to see them better) and then cut them into outlines so that when folded they were dimensional. It is a wonderful format.
The second book of mine that was included was a book form I learned from Julie Chen of Flying Fish Press, but came originally from the deeply respected Hedi Kyle. I made my version with redwood blocks for covers and the subject was language, a favorite of mine, if you haven't yet noticed. The authors included three shots of my book, which was especially pleasing to me. And they included one of Julie Chen's books using the same format. How cool is that?
This book is stuffed with amazing pieces by a wide array of the most talented and well known book artists. I am so honored to be included. It is broken into four sections: Codex Books, which are books with pages joined to make a spine; Accordian & Foldable Books, which feature multiple-fold pages; Single Sheet Books, which is obvious; and my favorite section Sculptural Books, which are made from objects and are objects made into books. Here is the page featuring Susan Collard, whom I took a class from last June in learning how to make wooden books. Fascinating stuff.
With 1,000 books, there is lots to see, so I suggest you check it out. I know Amazon carries it, but if you can support a local independent bookseller to get it, all the better. It was published by Quarry Books. Other artists included are Daniel Essig, Timothy Ely, Brian Dettmer, Emily Martin, Dolph Smith, Alisa Golden and dozens of other skilled and creative folk too numerous to mention. My copy is by my bedside so I can look at these pieces before I sleep and wake up excited to get to my art table.


  1. That's a wonderful recognition of your talents!

  2. Congratulations Jackie!
    This is very exciting news, and well deserved recognition.