Friday, April 6, 2012

A New Ap

Yesterday I was reading Paper Ponderings written by Fiona Dempster, a talented bookmaker, and she mentioned an application she has been having fun with called Paper Camera. It caught my attention, and within a few moments I had downloaded it for 99 cents onto my iPhone.
Is this cool, or what? It is my deck in the mode called "Comic Boom" and it may well be my favorite type of filter on this ap. What is so much fun is that the effects are applied before you take your shot, not afterwards, so you can just walk around with the camera on and see the world in a whole new way. Here are some samples that have kept me from finishing writing my Second Candidate's Statement for my election. :-)
My stack of books looks so vibrant!
Koko the Heeler goes Warhol.
And here she is sleeping, with hubby in the background at his desk. I love the slightly cartoonish look created in this mode, but still totally controlled perspective.
This one looks like I can draw very well in pencil...
And I think this one was called Pastel Perfect. I can't quite decide how to describe this one, but I like the soft but greyed colors, and the sense of aged photos.  There are six or eight more modes to play with, too. Maybe this last one of text is the one that got me really excited, as it is very similar to the one Fiona posted that got my interest piqued to begin with. 


  1. This is very cool. I am so disappointed to find out it is not compatible with my iPhone. Could be a reason to upgrade!

    1. Darn! Sorry about that. I didn't realize it was real new. I've only had my iPhone for a few months, and it is such fun. However, Siri and I don't seem to get along so well...

  2. Okay, you MADE me buy this app! Viral marketing at its finest, I guess.

  3. For $.99, it is worth it! My animals look so cool!