Friday, March 23, 2012

A Vision

Sometimes I just have to start and let it happen, and then it does. So today I started on the wooden book I want to make for my friend who is moving to Switzerland. My concept was based on the class I took with Susan Collard last June at the Focus on Book Arts Conference in Oregon that was so much fun and opened new doors for me. 
Here are the various pieces laid out in the order I want them. I have already made the mitered box section that is key to the design - the place where the fabric post cards all the others are making will be hidden. 
Inside the cover will be this flip section of photos of the folks who will be at the lunch and are making the postcards.
The new Washi tape I got is working quite well for this, and looks good too!
Self portrait... no face, just me folding a book. Perfect!
The Washi tape is very cool and could be a new addiction.
The mitered box section with some of the postcards in it.
The parts of the book laid out, but not assembled. That will take a few more days as I snare snippets of time away from my campaign.

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  1. So ingenious! Knowing the recipient, I'm sure she'll cry, and then treasure it forever.