Thursday, March 22, 2012


Where has the time gone? I last posted six weeks ago and had not realized it had been so long. I feel a bit like I should apologize, though I think it matters not to whomever might read my musings. So much has been going on, and hardly any of it has to do with my art making, but I might check in to prove I still exist.

I have been active in my little seaside community for a long time, and decided recently to run for a position on our Board of Directors, which is our only form of government out here in the rurals of Sonoma County. I have filed my papers, written a Candidate's Statement to be mailed to all 2287 lot/home owners here, attended Briefings, had friends host "Coffees" on my behalf where I can speak and answer questions about my platform of beliefs and perspectives on the issues facing us here. I have been designing an endorsement mailer with over 100 people's names who support me, and a post card advertising more Coffees. This will go on for a couple of months until the votes are counted May 26th. Then I hope to be elected and serve a three year term. It will, and has already, affected my time and focus for art, but I hope once the election is over, we will settle into a routine and I can get back to my table and papers.

In the midst of all this, hubby scheduled foot surgery. Two weeks today since it happened, and he got stitches out yesterday and a shoe back on today. Oh happy day! He has been underfoot - literally - as I am used to being home alone all day and doing exactly as I please, rather than tending a one footed pine tree on crutches. It was successful, and we are both happy. The dogs were extremely happy to be able to go to work with him today and run loose for several hours and work off excess energy from being cooped up here.
I haven't been completely idle, as I have two projects about to start. A dear friend is moving to Switzerland and I volunteered to make a wooden book that will hold 14 fabric postcards, each made by her other friends, to be presented at her going away lunch in ten days. I have a few of the post cards, and the raw wood laid out ready for a few hours of uninterrupted time. And I have a new commission to upholster an old painted chest that is part desk with a variety of papers. I am looking forward to both these projects. 
I did sit down one afternoon and make some "thank you sticks" to give to those folks who are helping me with my election campaign. It was such a pleasant couple of hours, and I think each of the people I have given them to has enjoyed seeing the word "thank you" in four different languages.
Mahalo and grazie to all of you who are still out there wondering where I have disappeared to and what I might be doing. I'll be back...

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  1. Great to see you back and posting! Say hi for us to the one-footed pine tree; hope he feels more rooted soon.